WWDC 2014 kicked off on June 2nd with a keynote like never before. This year, Apple made its biggest announcement ever for developers. Tim Cook deemed it “the mother of all releases” and the biggest developer release since the launch of the App Store. It brought a slew of new tools, such as a new App Store, iOS extensions, third party Touch ID integration, a 3D graphics solution called Metal, its new coding language Swift, and new capabilities bringing health and home integration to whole new level.

The tools themselves are incredible, but the impact it will have is going to be huge. With the new App Store, families can access each other’s purchases without having to buy them separately. iOS extensions bring so many possibilities, like Bing translating a web page in real time. Touch ID will allow a person to manage all of their logins and credit card purchases with the press of their finger. Metal is bringing console level graphics and engines to the mobile platform in a stunning way. HealthKit is going to revolutionize not only health and wellness tracking on a personal level, but bring new capabilities to how doctors interact and care for their patients. And HomeKit is going to simplify home automation so that you can secure your house at night by telling Siri it is time to go to bed. With all of these new toys and more, it will be amazing to see what developers do next.

What was your favorite part about this year’s WWDC announcements?