There are so many resources out there today and to just to pick a few is a challenge. For me to stay in the groove of things, I find myself surfing the web and reading others’ posts on the weekends or after hours. I try to do the following things on a regular basis to help me maintain a creative mind. Maybe they will inspire you.

  1. Write it down! Carry a notebook wherever you go. You never know when creativity will strike.
  2. Brainstorm and bounce ideas off other people. This is a great way to see things from another perspective.
  3. Hike. Go for a walk. These are both ways to get your juices flowing and at the same time stay healthy. Your brain begins to function, blood is pumping and pretty soon the ideas will start to flow.
  4. Be a rule BREAKER! Don’t break the law, but think outside the box. Sometimes not following the rules of design can benefit you and what you’re creating.
  5. Shake your habits. This one is a challenge for me, but I do break the mold on some things and creativity is one. One thing we do here at HMA that I like: we try to have lunch with a different person AT LEAST once a week. Get out of the office and away from the computer. Your brain is the engine driving you.
  6. Find what works for you. If music helps you get in a creative mood, listen to the music that drives you. For me, I’m most creative when I’m in a room by myself and I tone everything out around me.
  7. Take a picture everyday and post it on Instagram, Flickr or another social network.
  8. Join a club, whether it’s a book club, photography club or bird watching club. Get out and meet new people with different backgrounds and styles.

What are other ways you like to stay creative?