Always looking for ways to meet client needs with forward–thinking technology solutions, HMA offers customized URLs through the public URL link shortening service called BudURL. Because the URLs are shorter, they’re easier to manipulate than their longer, often unwieldy counterparts.

BudURL enables you to create your own web address rather than being assigned a random one, as is the case with some companies. Additionally, BudURL allows you to change your link at any time after purchasing the domain, demonstrating greater flexibility than other services. According to its website, “BudURL is the only service to provide integrated short URL services, QR codes, and mobile landing page management into a single platform.”

Shortened URLs increase the space for your message in a Twitter post already regulated to a 140-character count. Your abbreviated link still directs your audience to the same web page that the longer version does, but now you have created more room for the message or information you want to share. BudURL also combines analytics with shortening. Shrink your web link to a smaller size and details like geographic region, along with referrers (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are automatically tracked when people click on it. This way you know immediately from where your traffic is originating and from which channel your most engaged audience is coming. It’s also a great way determine what type of content is most interesting to your followers.

A shorter address is also easier to remember, which is a plus when you consider how a shortened URL link can help build your brand. You gain greater visibility when you can share a customized URL through your marketing materials, brochures and emails directed to your website. Customized URLs also benefit SEO, or search engine optimization, as the targeted keywords included in the address are used for determining relevancy and computing rankings.

A shortened URL helps put your company ahead of the curve and gives you a competitive edge. Ready to try a more-with-less approach? Ask us about your options for link shortening URL services.