Marketing automation sucks. It sucks for you. It sucks for me. It sucks for everyone.

It sucks the leads right from the top of the sales funnel to the very bottom. It sucks all your content and media into one location. It sucks up data and spits it out into actionable results. It sucks a global sales team into one cohesive unit. It very nearly sucks the dollars right out of your potential customers’ pockets into your own, nearly.

So, as you see, marketing automation totally, undeniably sucks.

In some ways, marketing automation sucks for real, though. It sucks to figure out what of the many platform options is the right fit for your company. It sucks to figure out how it will fit into your budget. It certainly sucks to set up and listen to the software sales people walk you through each and every detail of each platform. It also sucks to have to remember and take enough notes to compare afterwards.

We’ve been through it, so we know. Here are some of the answers to take some of the suck out of marketing automation.

After you’ve chosen the platform that’s a fit for your company, the next phase sucks too. It’s pretty terrible to have to actually learn how to set up your selected platform. Who added IT expert to your job description anyhow? Furthermore, who decided you’d just magic the extra time for this into your schedule? It sucks.

We’ve done this too, so we know. We understand.

Finally, it sucks to develop the campaigns themselves. A bit of a time hack, wouldn’t you say? The ability to freeze time would come in handy about now, huh? Real-time media, AdWords, emails, landing pages; really, who has the time?

That’s us! We do have the time. Here, check out these pages with the answers for real-time media and Google AdWords.

I guess if you can take all the sucky parts out and share them with us, you’d have a pretty darn good piece of work to hang your hat on. Heck, your ROI just might be a bit more impressive this year.

Ready to give it a try? Let us know!

Note: I waited until I moved all the way across the country to write this, so Jamie, our marketing automation queen couldn’t murder me for writing this.