Growth is absolutely inevitable – personal, professional, physical, emotional. How you deal with the changes that accompany that growth is critical. As we grow as an agency, we are keenly aware of the culture in which we want everyone to be a part.

There is something about the current HMA team that just works. We click. We get it. And we care. We have been lucky to find talented individuals that fit into the whole perfectly. We all have an intense desire to constantly learn new things and then share them with each other, discussing how they best fit in to our strategies and needs.

This trait also allows us to wear many hats within the agency. We all have our core responsibilities, but we all dabble in other areas as well. We don’t hide in our cubicles for eight hours and then go home. We collaborate, brainstorm, discuss, review and create.

Even though our full team may span the globe, we are still a close-knit family. We care about the success of each individual, but we also have a culture that is based on common goals and the passion to achieve them.

Do you want to be a part of the HMA team? We are currently looking for an Account Coordinator.