As mobile apps are on the rise, smart phone users are able to take advantage of the many applications that reign over the digital world. For those in the B2B world, professionals are able to use apps to help them connect with clients, prospects and employees alike, all while encouraging engagement and promoting brand awareness.

One of the first groups to embrace mobile apps were business professionals.  It’s only natural being that they are always on the go or are often away from their desks. Two apps in particular that were immediately embraced were email and mobile Internet. Although these apps are in strong demand for consumers, many businesses are focusing on the benefits of mobile apps and how they can better target their business audiences.

One benefit that businesses are using to drive forth mobile apps is engagement. Even though many businesses try to steer their audience using a form of entertainment, this is only best used through a general consumer standpoint. For businesses that are trying to promote the use of mobile applications to other businesses, it is best to use powerful marketing messages (and valuable content) that focus on efficiency. In order to get audiences to engage with these apps, the message needs to be clear and adhere to what the client is looking for. Like most apps, they are developed out of a specific need that a business identifies, making work objectives easier and faster.

It’s often difficult to attract new users who will utilize these apps, which is why it’s crucial for a quick conversion—those who are not able to engage with the app right away will often lose interest quickly. A great way to attract users within the first stages of an apps release is to have a well-developed splash page and personalized notifications. The initial page of an app is often the key factor for captivating an audience’s interest. This should be attractive, but not overly flashy. Using personalized notifications keeps the individuals who subscribed to the app interested and increases the audience’s awareness of the brand. General push notifications often lack the same affect as personalized notifications, as many professionals regard these as spam.

Many business professionals are promoting brand loyalty through social sharing of their mobile apps. As a B2B agency developing mobile apps through our sister company, Workhorse Development, and encouraging social or real-time media engagement, we are able to target our audiences more closely by customizing our marketing campaigns. One campaign in particular, for an industrial client, concentrated on an event-networking app, while focusing on productivity and resource efficiency. Another campaign for a different industrial client encompassed a scientific calculator that performs calculations and interpolations for several product lines. This app was developed out of the need for engineers and chemists alike to have quick and reliable diagnostic tools that can be used in place of traditional diagrams. As our campaigns continue to grow, we are able to cultivate our brand as well as our clients’ and increase mobile communications in real-time.

By improving efficiency and driving mobile conversion, business professionals are able to engage their clients and increase their customer base while improving their bottom line.