Ever look at your friends’ home screens?

I have. It’s usually scary, similar to scrolling through someone else’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds. It truly is like the twilight zone. You recognize all the features, but everything else is completely foreign.

Did you ever have that friend who wouldn’t let you see their home screens? Some of the globalHMAers were a bit protective too, although I did manage to squeeze a few suckers, I mean individuals, to share their screens with me, just to see if their screens matched their personality.

What do you think?

zach satko iphone home screen

Zach Satko

Zach is the guy in the office who sits in a meeting paying attention the entire time, even contributing, and when you leave, he’s sent 50 emails without even moving his fingers. After many years of trying to catch him in the act, we’re still not sure how he does it.

That’s probably why his home screen is completely customized. You have to have some sort of crazy organization skills to multitask like Zach!

sabrina ash iphone home screen

Sabrina Ash

Sabrina is the calm, methodical one in the office. Her serene background of flowers demonstrates this (and possibly those 221 unread emails). Anyone else cringe at that? Just kidding, of course!

jamie wilson iphone home screen

Jamie Wilson

Jamie gets things done. Maybe that’s why she’s never bothered with customizing her home screen at all, except the wallpaper, featuring her always-well-groomed dog, Maddy. She’s on the move and can find what she needs, whether its on her home screen or four slides in.

rita kissam iphone home screen

Rita Kissam

Rita is our finance manager. I get the feeling that she’s always watching, as that Glasses app is telltale, or maybe it’s because she’s always one step ahead when it comes to cash flow requests and financial needs. She always knows.

erin lebo iphone home screen erin lebo iphone home screen second page

Erin Lebo

Erin is similar to Jamie in that she leaves her home screen basically untouched, so she sent along her second screen too – where all the action happens. Erin is similar to Sabrina in the calm-factor – look at all those notifications. Cringing again? In reality, Erin’s calm nature provides a great balance to our team. Thanks for not checking those notifications, Erin!

amanda vera iphone home screen

Amanda Vera

Look at all those folders. Yes, she’s one of the most organized ones in the office. If you can’t find it, she definitely can, without a doubt. She is certainly the insightful planner and a lover of social media.

colleen hofmann iphone home screen

Colleen Hofmann

Colleen is our explorer. You can tell that from the tall trees in the wallpaper of her home screen (from a recent trip to Mount Hood, Oregon) all the way to the folders of apps for books, photography, social media, news and more. If you don’t recognize some of the apps on her home screen, it’s probably because they’re fairly new. However, if they’ve made it all the way to Colleen’s home screen, they’re probably worth a download, as she is our discoverer too!

drew dorgan iphone home screen

Drew Dorgan

Our fearless leader. Probably the most surprising piece of her home screen is the little dots on the bottom that show how many pages of apps are downloaded — that is if you don’t know her. This is all too familiar to HMAers and our clients. Drew is constantly downloading new apps to discover fresh ways to provide solutions to our clients. Ask an HMAer if they’ve received a late night notification more than once from Drew asking them to try a new app that she’s uncovered. They’ll all say yes!

katie klinger iphone home screen

Katie Klinger

Last but not least, little old me. I didn’t think it was fair to ask everyone else to share their personal space, without me sharing mine. In fact, my home screen tends to change pretty often. I let it get messy, then when I need something to clean, to clear my mind for new ideas, it gets all organized again. You should SEE the folders on the second screen.

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t shout out to my pal, Chingu. Calm as can be, she has trotted along with me for many years.

Isn’t it interesting how we customize our home screens, or don’t’? I find that a peek into someone’s life like this is quite interesting and, okay, entertaining. What does your home screen say about you?