It’s that time again to ring in the New Year with a resolution that will bring much prosperity and success. At globalHMA, we are all committed to making a few changes to achieve our professional goals:

As we achieve our globalHMA goal of savoir-vivre, Mandy would like to broaden her real-time media efforts and introduce its influence to more of her clients. Social media is ever-changing, providing us new opportunities to learn new tactics and strengthen our communication channels. In turn, she would like to set aside more time for brainstorming sessions outside of the office taking time to reflect on her work.

Sean committed to learning a new skill each week. Whether it’s watching a training tutorial or reading a new article or book, he plans to expand his knowledge within the realm of all things digital. As someone who specializes in interactive video creation, Sean also plans to expand our digital library by taking photos and video footage. Being a creative team member, he would also like to encourage more collaboration and share his work with others. It’s important to receive feedback and know where we need improvement.

In our efforts to become a “green” agency or less harmful to the environment, we are converting to an all-digital system. Rita, our business manager, hopes to kick off the New Year by converting as much financial paperwork to digital files as possible. Not only will this reduce needless paper sorting, but it will also help keep her and our team more organized around the office.

We are all encouraged to become “masters” at what we do, and this is just the start for Ekom. Aside from becoming a Google product master, Ekom would also like to focus her interests more on Google AdWords development. She is also interested in mastering YouTube analytics, industry performance benchmarks and campaign optimization. She also hopes to tackle web programming and design, such as HMTL, Javascript and jQuery.

Colleen is passionate about expanding our professional network and building new relationships. In hopes to meet this goal, she would like to attend more networking events improving our face-to-face communication tactics. In her own words, Colleen states, “If social networking is powerful, face-to-face networking is even more powerful.” She hopes by doing this that she will be able to grow her relationships offline. A simple way to reach her goal is by creating a list of expectations every day/week for greater efficiency.

As we use more of the technologies around us, we are able to transform our applications into real world solutions. Zach plans to discover new ways to use these applications for globalHMA, Workhorse Development (our sister company), and our clients. As a lover of all things Apple, he also hopes to develop a utility app for the Apple Watch (Watch). Integrating dynamic transparency into our video applications using our own drone footage is also on his list of goals for 2015.

Being an interactive agency, Erin hopes to expand her talents with interactive design. A particular field of interest is HTML5/CSS. She would like to become proficient in web design and web modification. Her expertise in graphic design has led her to gain a strong handle on email blast building, a topic she continues to learn about. Once she becomes proficient with building email blasts, she would like to explore marketing automation with Marketo.

Speaking of Marketo, Jamie has worked with Marketo for the past two years and plans to become certified soon. As we continue to integrate marketing automation solutions into our agency, we are also learning new ways to better streamline our social media practices. Jamie hopes to improve on her content writing for real-time media and develop a solution for character restraints within each post.

Jason, one of our creative team members, plans to invest 10% of his time studying marketing automation to become Marketo certified. Beyond his graphic design expertise, he would also like to expand his knowledge in web development, particularly HTML5, and video design. An up and coming field he can’t wait to explore is 3D modeling software. Not only will be able to create new works of art, but he will also be able to bring his existing creations to life.

The New Year brings a positive outlook to our team members, who set the bar high for success. For me, it’s not about the number of objectives we can achieve, but rather about the result of our achievements. Was it effective? What did we learn from this? Being able to track the outcome is the biggest obstacle of all. I hope our efforts will transform productivity, introduce us to new opportunities and keep us two steps ahead of our clients and competitors.

What are your goals for the new year?