Those that are well versed in the world of Search Engine Optimization know that there is a fair and just way to optimize your website, as well as a more deceitful method.  The former technique is known as White Hat SEO, while the latter is known as Black Hat SEO.  Search engines, which rank websites based on how they have been optimized, will ban sites that use methods that fall under the category of Black Hat SEO.

The question is:  how do you know if your SEO plays fair?

Chances are, if you write your website for your audience, and simply use traditional SEO tactics well, you are practicing White Hat SEO.  However, if you keyword stuff, use hidden or invisible text, meta-tag stuff, use link farms or hide links within your site, you are probably using methods that fall under the category of Black Hat SEO.  Since search engines ban sites that use unfavorable SEO methods, it is important that you know how to properly incorporate SEO tactics into your website to stay ahead of the curve, and up in the searches.