It really can be difficult to find what it is that makes an agency or any workplace tick and succeed. Of course, you have to have the right people doing the right things at the right times. But it really isn’t so simple.

With entrepreneurship on the rise, people are anxious to share their talents and innovation with the world. Technology is released and updated at a rapid pace, and it takes fast thinkers and early adopters to embrace that and run with it. This is not possible if we all go to work each day with our backs to our peers, sitting in front of our computer screens until the clock strikes 5:00 p.m.

I recently read a management article that sums this issue up well – how do we create a sense of community so compelling that people are willing to bring their greatest gifts to work every day? How can we as leaders inspire and motivate our teams to want more than just a paycheck?

One approach is to truly treat each person within your organization as an entrepreneur. A successful business does not have to run with an extreme top-down approach. At Global HMA, each person brings a unique talent to the table. As a team, we are able to benefit from each others’ strengths. While one person may be an effective relationship builder, another may have incredible technical capabilities. The key is that everyone in the agency has the desire to work hard and progress not only our agency as a whole, but our clients and their customers.

As Jeff James notes in his article on Inc. Magazine’s website, thinking like an entrepreneur can open your eyes to new opportunities to learn and grow in your role. As an agency, this means we are able to serve niche needs more adequately as well. The buzz words “full-service” are just that – words. Clients and prospects want to know their goals and objectives can be achieved. They want to know that someone on your team can run their PPC campaigns, or set up their fleet of iPads for international trade shows. Embrace your inner entrepreneur – dream, innovate, create.

How do you contribute to your organization’s growth? What do you bring to the table?