The web works a little like Richard Scarry’s Busytown.  The pretty and cleanly designed search engine pages are a simple interface, but behind the scenes is a realm of organized chaos helping direct you to results relevant to your needs.

Often people believe that Google is the builder of this Busytown, when in reality, users control and build it, and Google is the city cartographer.  Surprisingly so, Internet users are the traffic cops parsing out the stop and read or speed on orders.

So what is a corporation to do?  Understand that you can help Google both literately and figuratively place your real estate on the map through interesting activities, ads and content along the road that attracts people, builds trust with potential customers or even sells your products.  But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that if we build the real estate they will come.  We need to help Google find the way with excellent, informed Search Engine Marketing and Optimization.