At globalHMA, our client’s customers are global – that includes all 7, okay probably 6, continents and the entire United States. Yes, even those long stretches through Nebraska and Wyoming that you know exist, but not consciously. I’m completely aware of them. I recently spent a week driving through them. Hours and hours of fields strung together by towns and cities. How does this relate to the client’s customers? I saw them, out there in the fields and the towns and the cities and the in betweens.

go where your customers go wind turbines

Wind turbines, refineries, wastewater recycling plants and the plethora of vehicles along the way. It’s all out there, waiting to be experienced.

So, you know that it’s there because a) you’re one of our clients, or b) you’ve decided to take my word for it. What of it?

Experiencing your customers’ way of life, even a simple drive through their hometowns gives me new insights and ideas, creatively speaking. I am excited to share this journey with the globalHMA team.

I’ve officially moved across the country to the beautiful, albeit rainy, state of Washington, and I’m ready to use this new opportunity to continue to contribute creatively to globalHMA.

Jump on board. It’s going to be an amazing ride.