As modern technology is becoming more eminent and traditional mediums are becoming more obsolete, companies all over the globe are looking for ways to make their business more tech-savvy and to stay-up-to-date with current trends. One of the most influential trends right now is the use of SmartPhones. According to a study by comScore, Inc., 61.5 million people in the US owned SmartPhones during the three months ending in November of 2010, (and that’s just the US!). The easiest way for companies to jump on the SmartPhone bandwagon is by creating apps with useful tools for their customers. Not only do these apps reach the booming tech-savvy audience, but they can also be updated to refresh the content and keep your company at the cusp of the technology craze.

There are many factors that have to be considered when creating a SmartPhone app, but a key decision lies in choosing the platforms in which you will develop your app. Your company phone might be a Blackberry, but your customers may use iPhones or Androids. Although RIM’s Blackberry was the most popular SmartPhone in November with 33.5% of users, Google followed closely with 26%, and Apple was holding strong with 25%. Since one individual company doesn’t seem to have control in this market, a good solution may be to build your app for all platforms to ensure that all of your customers have a chance to use your tools and see how modern your company can be.

One last critical component to remember – and one of the most fun in our eyes – is measuring how many people download your app in each marketplace. This will help you gauge the success of the methods of distribution, as well as its popularity among your customers.