What are those funny black blocks posted at the bottom of advertisements, on displays or on the postcards you get in the mail? It’s certainly a great way to get your audience to interact in a different kind of way – it’ s the QR code! Many companies are harnessing what countries in Asia have been doing for years, using the code to help grow their business.

I can’t help but take out my smartphone when I walk by a telephone pole or a sign with a QR code pasted onto it. I have to scan it to find out where it’s going to take me in the cloud, a little mini adventure of sorts. It’s not just grabbing my attention, but also the attention of thousands of people in America. QR Codes are definitely playing a role in the future of interactive advertisement, video and presentation. At HMA, we’ve been using them in a variety of formats and have seen great success so far.

My reader is  called “QRCodeReader” for my iPhone, which I think is accurate and has great quality scanning ability, although there are plenty out there for all your scanning needs. One of my favorite things about QR Codes is the ability to not only link your QR Code out to a web address, but you can also link to a contact card or display a text message once it’s scanned. As technology is progressing, QR Codes are also becoming mini works of art and can even be customized. You may even see one on your dinner plate!

Can you resist the urge? Happy scanning!