My favorite thing about HMA is the constant encouragement and challenge to increase my knowledge – be it in technology, business, advertising, etc. From our innovation days to jumping in to learn a new app (WeChat and Line anyone?), to a new technology (augmented reality), or those pesky AdWords tests, we are constantly challenged to learn.

Most recently, a few colleagues and I got the chance to spend the day listening to powerful speakers share stories, experiences and guides on leadership. The event was Leadercast. Broadcast worldwide, the theme of Leadercast was “Beyond You.” The theme brought to light how leadership is really about investing in the people who you lead, rather than about yourself as a leader. I’ve called out the three pieces I found most influential and resounding –

  1. Simon Sinek shared that leadership cannot be measured on a daily basis. He explained that like exercise, we cannot see the results immediately, but rather over a longer period of time. Leadership is an investment.
  2. Bill McDermott taught us that we should celebrate victories. He also described two types of people: the ones who wait forever for a perfect opportunity and the ones who take advantage of any opportunity. You can guess which type of person gets things done.
  3. Andy Stanley talked about the importance of ensuring that leadership is not all about the leader. Andy says, “If your leadership isn’t all about you, it will live beyond you.” He taught us that it is important to “empty your cup” before you leave a position, or to pass along all of your knowledge.

Leadercast had an intriguing team of speakers who all shared many great stories and insights. What qualities do you find most important in leaders?