Using social to sell

Social media is one of the most monumental breakthroughs for digital advertising, but cracking the code to get results can be a frustrating experience. The truth is that for B2B, social media is one of the most used avenues for success: In 2015, a study from Google found that 89% of B2B researchers use the internet during their research process, but also that 46% of decision-makers in B2B markets are between ages 18 and 34 years old, which is one of the largest demographics for social media usage today. Read more


Five steps to writing engaging and compelling copy

You have blog posts, Facebook ads, and Instagram captions to write for your business’s social media and website, but how do you write them in a way that will engage your audience?

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6 dos and don’ts for using hashtags in marketing

Hashtags—short links lead by the pound sign (#)—may seem confusing and unnecessary to some users in social media, but hashtags have become an essential way in which we communicate online. On social channels, the pound sign (a.k.a hashtag) can turn any word(s) into a searchable link that organizes content and tracks discussions based on the word(s) used.
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