LinkedIn sponsored content opportunities

Who else gets excited when they read or hear about social channel feature releases or improvements? Now that LinkedIn has officially released the sponsored video content feature to everyone, I can’t wait to try it for globalHMA, Workhorse and our other clients.

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Let’s ZipDo – it’s time for a new website!

Working with Fortune 100 clients for more than 35 years enables us to truly see things from a global perspective. We mix and match a variety of marketing tools so our clients can achieve maximum results on tight budgets – and we love it! That’s why we’ve decided to take the knowledge and experience we have established and apply it to smaller companies or individuals who need to produce content for their customers or targets quickly and cost-effectively. We call it our ZipDo service! We want to help entrepreneurs create the materials they need as they worry about all of the other aspects of their businesses. Read more

Marketing hot spots for 2017

Goodbye 2016, and hello 2017! I can’t say that I am sorry to see 2016 go for many reasons, but the predictions I have for 2017 are fun and encouraging.

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