Patience is a virtue. My dad always lectured me on this as I have none. I preach this to my children as, like me, they have little. My husband has a lot of patience (he does have to live with me). Are we turning into a nation with no patience? Is this good or is this bad?  The overwhelming evidence of our lack of patience is the need to view the Super Bowl commercials BEFORE the Super Bowl. Just check the views on YouTube to see how much we watch these. While I used to love gathering with a group of friends to watch the big game just to judge the new commercials, I find that I can’t wait this year. I give into temptation of viewing them on YouTube as soon as I see them pop up in my reader.

As a marketer, I guess the pre-show buzz of tracking the commercials through social media is a good thing. But at the same time, if the big game is disappointing, and I already saw the commercials, will there be a reason to stay tuned in?

Are you a spoiler or do you wait for the reveal during the game? What does it say that we are just as excited about commercials as the launch of a new movie or book?

And just for fun, this one is my very favorite in several years: