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The idea of maintaining real-time media channels can become extremely overwhelming, and because of this, many B2B companies choose not to expand their marketing methods to this realm.

You and your colleagues may feel that you don’t have time to devote to an effective real-time media strategy. Partnering with a B2B agency can help!

7 real-time media mistakes that are killing your brand:

Not having a strategy
Real-Time Media Mistake #1

So you finally decided to create a real-time or social media profile for your business. That itself is not enough. Having a strategy is extremely important to being successful. Here are some examples of what your real-time or social media marketing strategy should include: how you determine what to post, how often you post, how you will gain followers, how you will engage with followers, who your company will follow and how you are going to measure your success on the network.

Impersonal contact
Real-Time Media Mistake #2

Real-time or social media flourishes on community, engagement and interaction between users. While it is very easy to get in contact with these users, you will want to personalize your message to them. Let them know that you actually read their blog posts. You’re building trust and investing in relationships, so personalize your messages.

Not devoting time to make it work
Real-Time Media Mistake #3

Businesses sometimes fail to realize just how much time and effort goes into having a successful presence on real-time media channels. Social networking is not a ‘set it and forget it’ type of platform. Understand that users want interaction, engagement, consistency and a sense of community.

Ignoring your audience
Real-Time Media Mistake #4

If you have a real-time media presence, users expect that you will – GASP! – be present! Take the time to respond to every question or inquiry, whether positive or negative. Yes, every post. If these same people came into your actual place of business, you would not ignore them, so don’t do the same on real-time media.

Ignoring negative feedback
Real-Time Media Mistake #5

Negative feedback is not always negative. It is an opportunity to show the complainant and the rest of your followers what kind of customer service your business offers. No matter what has been said, it is critical to show that your company is more than willing to rectify the situation.

Expecting big numbers and fast
Real-Time Media Mistake #6

For B2B companies just stepping into the real-time or social media arena, it is easy to get discouraged when you see other companies and even your competitors having great success with massive followings and lots of engagement. You are not only trying to gain followers but also build trust from potential customers. Everyone knows that building trust takes time – and probably even more so online.

Selling yourself/brand
Real-Time Media Mistake #7

While real-time media is a great channel to promote your business or products, understand that real-time media networks are communities. You should be using them to build trust and relationships that will eventually lead to those sales you are seeking. Real-time media sites are not billboards for your business or brand.

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