Many people seem to be on a quest for the perfect fix — an easy solution that solves all marketing needs and takes no effort. Aren’t we all, really? Even outside of marketing.

Let’s stop for a second and be honest with ourselves. It doesn’t exist.

At globalHMA, we utilize solutions requiring significantly less investments of time and allocated budget. Since 2001, we’ve successfully implemented Google AdWords. While this is certainly NOT the be-all and end-all of marketing tools, it certainly DOES provide adequate, cost-friendly digital solutions with real, measurable results.

Google AdWords is not a tool you can set up and let run on its own. It takes some preparation and special ingredients to create a successful campaign:

  • Fully-optimized website with SEO correctly implemented
  • Defined target market
  • Team of trained specialists with Google AdWords certifications (hint, hint – US!)

I think the very best aspect of Google AdWords is its affordability. You can limit or increase your budget based on what fits into your company’s marketing budget. Although, it is better to pace yourself with a continuously running campaign. If your campaigns are properly optimized, the cost-per-click or cost-per-impression will go down as you get rewarded for targeting and attracting interested prospects. We’ve found it takes about three months to establish a campaign, and it is best to run a campaign without pausing. You might be surprised to hear Google’s algorithm actually scores your website, campaign target keywords and ads to “learn” how and where best to make these placements.

My conclusion: give it a try. A six-month test campaign couldn’t hurt, right? If you’re still not convinced, visit the following page and download an infographic with real cost examples.