Believe it or not, at HMA, we are highly competitive. So when our clients task us with getting the marketing campaign results they are looking for – we are more than up for the challenge. Whether it’s increasing your site traffic by 20% by implementing proper SEO, or achieving a certain response rate through an email blast or direct mail campaign – we are your go-to group.

Most recently, we created a website for a client on a very tight timeline. We conducted the keyword research needed and built and programmed the website with the most optimal site architecture. The site was then seeded through a PR push and an email blast. In just a matter of one week, the site had 1,000 visitors and an impressive 38% bounce rate. Geographically, traffic is coming in from all over the globe. This is the stuff we thrive on! Anyone can promise the execution of a marketing campaign, but without the results, how can you determine success? It takes a dedicated group of people who can analyze campaign trends and possible changes for the future.