Execute a cohesive, integrated marketing strategy

Some argue the sales funnel is no longer relevant for a marketing plan. At globalHMA, we disagree. We use the sales funnel to explain and execute integrated marketing campaigns for our clients. This way, you know all purchase phases are covered, from research to the initial contact with a sales team member.

In the past, marketing campaigns were considered successful if they had a solid strategy coupled with a big idea for execution. Today, even the most thought-out campaigns can struggle to reach and influence the industry. You need consistent messaging and complete synchronization with each tool in the campaign.

You likely work in the day-to-day, in the minute details of your company. That’s why it’s helpful to look outside your company to find integrated marketing solutions. At globalHMA, our team partners with you to develop a fully integrated marketing campaign to meet your company’s objectives. We provide real-time reporting to see the big picture and generate actionable recommendations for improving your campaigns along the way. We also dive deep into campaigns to be sure the messaging and creative are on point and in sync with one another.

To demonstrate our integrated marketing capabilities, we’ve developed a series of infographics and an overview brochure about the tools we consider when developing a campaign. Take a look for yourself, and contact us if you have any questions!

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