With all the recent changes to Facebook’s platform, B2B companies and marketers are facing challenges in communicating with users on the social network. While the territory is still rather uncharted, creativity, engagement and a more effective use of Facebook can help your company respond to the changes.

Be creative. With the proposed implementation of Facebook’s Timeline profile layout (not yet released), your company’s creativity will have a much bigger canvas to make a first impression. Use this space wisely to best represent your brand and message.

Get engaged. If your company uses Facebook as a distribution outlet for articles and blog posts, but doesn’t focus on engagement, this means your content will now spread to less people than organizations that are engaged. Now that News Feed distribution to all of your fans is no longer guaranteed, here are some ways to optimize your posts for the new News Feed:

  • Ask your fans questions.
  • Don’t just publish your content. Add a comment with additional information.
  • Recognize your fans when they participate on your page.
  • Be interesting. Good content usually makes engagement easier.
  • Encourage employees and customers to occasionally comment and like items to spark dialogue.

Stop Facebook auto-posting. According to Applum, developer of Page tool EdgeRank Checker, Facebook Pages that show posts via third party apps like HootSuite compared to manually linking posts, receive 70% fewer likes and comments. While it’s more time consuming, the imagery is much more appealing when you post manually. In addition, many of the third party app postings tend to get lost in users’ News Feed, because they are clumped together.

What are some ways you’re promoting engagement on your Facebook Page?