178 is the number. According to an Altimeter Group study, this is the average number of social media accounts that exist across large companies. And that number is only expected to increase as more social media tools become available and individual business units, and even locations, clamor for their own personalized piece of the pie.

How can a social media manager balance the need to reach today’s customers in their preferred outlets with the importance of maintaining an organized, disciplined social media approach for the company? Now is the time for a spring cleaning. The process begins with cleaning out all of the ineffective tools in a company’s social media closet. As Rob Key from iMedia Connection notes, the sheer number of social media accounts can overwhelm the company and prevent useful tools from reaching their potential. Next, the essential accounts can be dusted off and spruced up. Focus on those that generate the most customer interaction, offer solid monitoring and feedback tools, or those where your competitors have a strong presence. Developing performance metrics based on the company’s needs is critical.

With attention now only on the most productive socia media tools, a company can better tailor their messaging for potential customers that don’t use the same channels as more traditional customers. These connected customers expect relevant and timely information. But, when a company gets it right, people are more likely to share that information with others. Do you want to reach the audience of your audience with fewer tools? A good social media spring cleaning can bring more than extra closet space.

What are some social media tools that your company should clean out this spring? Which ones are collecting dust that shouldn’t be?