Branding is more than a logo

Some logos are great and some can be awful. A logo should help define a company, it’s values and just be memorable. This is why a successful logo helps to define a brand, but there is so much more to a brand than just a logo. As a graphic designer, I would love to take credit for the success of a company’s brand just by creating their logo, but I am not able to do so. I just help to create the face of one. A brand is everything that helps identify your company or organization’s voice. This includes a company’s design, quality of work, customer service, values and so on. A brand should set a company or organization apart from its competitors.

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Brand consistency – it’s a big deal

Every day we encounter different brands in different aspects of our lives. However, we often take them for granted, and the details behind their marketing efforts go unnoticed. Their imaging remains the same, so it doesn’t appear they are changing their marketing tactics, right?
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Building your brand – a few helpful tips

Are you looking to build a brand for yourself or your company that isn’t generic? Don’t know where to start?  We put together a list of tips that we’ve found helpful while improving our brand and our clients’ brands on a daily basis.
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