How marketing and sales tie together

Asking whether marketing or sales are more important is like asking which came first — the chicken or the egg?  In the beginning of my career in marketing, the original Howard Miller regularly told his employees and clients, “Marketing generates interest and Sales sells.”  (Add his German finality to your reading of that statement.) Looking at the classic marketing funnel, marketing worked at the top of the funnel and sales worked at the bottom.
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How community relations can benefit your company

You may have heard that building a strong relationship and close ties with residents and other businesses in your community can have a large impact on your business—a positive one. This is very true! Many companies look for ways that they can interact with local organizations and individuals to help support important efforts that will help benefit everyone involved and encourage others to support their cause.
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How affiliate marketing can strengthen your business

Like most businesses, establishing a core brand requires a community of consumers and partnerships. How does one go about building a community? There are several sought-out marketing tactics that boost the followership of a brand and builds trust within the community. Two, in particular, are Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Despite their differences, the two are important for e-commerce brands that continuously need to be front and center, allowing them to branch out to other parts of communities that may be untapped.
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