Organic vs. paid social media content

In today’s marketing world, it can be difficult to decide the content on which you should focus your efforts. The type of content – organic or paid – you use will depend on a number of factors (budget, scope, audience, etc.) However, understanding how organic and paid content function and what the benefits are of each can help you find the balance that is right for your business.
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Five steps to writing engaging and compelling copy

You have blog posts, Facebook ads, and Instagram captions to write for your business’s social media and website, but how do you write them in a way that will engage your audience?

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How to make impactful video content for social media in 2018

As we can see in social media trends, video content is becoming a much more preferred medium for social posts. Twitter is allowing video over 4x the length – previously a 30-second limit – up to 140 seconds. Additionally, Facebook has begun to push more video content to users’ news feeds, heavily supporting Facebook LIVE content and, more recently, Facebook Watch, a consolidated space for Facebook’s sponsored video content. Since video is becoming more integral to your social media presence, it is also important to make content that stands out.
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