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Display vs. native ads: which should you use?

In the realm of online advertising, there are many options when it comes to displaying your message. For the purpose of this blog, we will discuss two main types of digital ads featured in the Google Display network.

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Google AdWords and search engine updates

Google AdWords: The new-ish Alpha interface

Working for a creative agency means balancing several projects at any given time and being able to adjust accordingly when a wrench is thrown into the works. Well, it’s the same when you’re using Google’s software or platforms…especially Google AdWords. New additions and removal of features or functions are a monthly routine for Google, so it’s important that you stay on top of its ever-changing digital tools.
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manage AdWords campaigns with a limited budget

Small budgets, big results: managing AdWords campaigns with a limited budget

People always say more is better, and, in some instances, they are right. Having a big budget to work with in AdWords gives you the freedom to bid on high search volume keywords that will reach a large audience. That’s great. But when running B2B campaigns with specific products and applications and small budgets, less is actually more. There are three important factors to formulating your B2B AdWords strategy: the language of the searcher, keyword match type and the search terms report. Paying close attention to each of these and other parts of the campaign during optimization will keep costs low and within budget. Here’s how we manage AdWords campaigns with a limited budget.

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