When is a mobile app right for your business?

It seems like every business has a mobile app these days, so the temptation to develop your own app makes sense. If your new app gains popularity and develops a solid user base, it can bring a lot of value to your business.
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20 helpful SEO statistics you should know

The days of simply having a website and having it collect sales for you are gone; you must do more! The following eye-opening SEO statistics show where your marketing dollars should be spent. The bottom line is that as technology changes, so will the way we communicate, purchase, interact and locate goods that we want or need.
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Aim, focus, and shoot – capture quality photos using your mobile device

Taking a quality photo is important, especially if it’s going to be used to represent a company outing or event on a website or social media page. Most of us use our mobile devices to take pictures, as we are constantly on the go. It’s often best to take a photo with an actual camera, but you can still take quality photos using a mobile device.

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