Keeping plain-text emails simple

Most clients who utilize email marketing typically create HTML emails that are easy to design and load; however, plain-text versions still play an important role in email marketing. I touched on this topic back in 2015, but some of the points are still very relevant. Here’s what still rings true in 2018.
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How to boost email performance & engagement with personalization

With email marketing, a marketer should want their target audience to either learn something new about a company, an organization or a specific service that is being provided. Getting marketing emails to a lead’s inbox and past spam engines is the first battle. The real struggle is getting leads to actually open the email and to do something with it.
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Lead generation: B2B lead nurturing best practices

You’ve crafted the perfect email, ad or landing page, and it’s received the conversions you have been working toward. Even though your conversions have been reached, don’t settle – push your efforts to the next level with lead generation. By taking the time to nurture quality leads, your team will have positive future opportunities with customers.
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