Marketing campaign analytics and IP addresses

It’s important to measure the success or engagement of a marketing campaign using Google Analytics or a tool that allows you to capture analytics data. However, many don’t account for the traffic coming from within your and your partners’ websites. In this video, Jamie explains how blocking an IP address can provide more accurate insights.


Exploring the new Google Search Console in beta

If you’re like most website owners, you are probably using Google’s Search Console to track who is visiting your website and how often. With the new Search features Google is implementing, users can now see even more data over a longer period of time with optional filters. Sounds enticing, right? Did I mention it’s free?
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ideal stat report

Tips for creating the ideal stat report

The main focus of any campaign or project is to enact a purposeful effort that generates positive change. In order for a campaign to be successful, it requires strategic planning and careful thought. The first obstacle is to understand campaigns take time. We often translate to our clients that campaigns or projects we run are marathons, not sprints. Results don’t happen over night.

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