5 helpful tips and tricks to staying organized in the workplace

Staying organized and balancing your day-to-day tasks can be challenging. Some days your to-do list keeps growing, and you need to make sure you are not missing a beat. It is important to keep yourself organized to help your business stay within the proper timeframe and budget. Here are five helpful tips and tricks to help stay organized in your workplace:
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apple watch first impressions

Watch Out: First Impressions of the Apple Watch

The first time I heard about the Apple Watch, I will admit I was skeptical. It seemed silly to have a device on my wrist that does almost everything the iPhone in my pocket can. In fact, when I got my watch most people would ask me, “Is your iPhone really too far away in your pocket?” Of course, it’s not, but the Apple Watch isn’t meant to replace my phone – it’s about convenience. It’s about getting you the information you want at-a-glance.

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Science behind sticky note method of recognition

The Science Behind the Sticky Note

On a typical day at HMA, you will find the following items on my desk: my laptop, a collection of pens, my notebook, and multiple sticky notes with a few words or numbers written on them. I have what I would consider an efficient method of task management that I optimize through the use of cheap, disposable Post-it notes. If you walk past my desk you are likely to find personal reminders to email certain clients, pay a parking ticket or to simply remember to wash my coffee mug at the end of the day. Much to my surprise, the “sticky note method” is less common in our office than I would have thought. How could this be?

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