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The front page of the Internet

Reddit proudly proclaims itself as the front page of the internet. And rightfully so, because the numbers speak volumes. It’s the fifth most-trafficked website in the United States and has just surpassed Twitter with over 330+ million active users each month and 18+ billion screen views per month. Its users spend more time on the site than on Facebook!
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The changing dialogue between businesses and their audiences

Language is constantly changing. If not for language evolution, we would not be able to talk about modern and ever-changing concepts, media, and inventions. This constant change, however, affects the ways businesses interact with their audiences.
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Sharing economy

A B2B Sharing Economy

With the sharing economy success stories cranking out of Airbnb, Uber and Barclaycard Ring, it’s becoming easier to see the growing tide of collaborative change among businesses. Companies are no longer impeded by physical boundaries. Social media and new technology promote openness and affords people the opportunity and strength to engage in deeper conversations.

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