The Proof is in the Numbers – Lead Generation through Google AdWords

The Challenge:

Having a small sales team can make generating new leads a bit difficult. You have to rely on your marketing strategy to bring in potential customers. As the old globalHMA adage says, “Marketing generates leads. Sales sells.” So how did a small industrial business with limited resources successfully reach potential customers throughout the United States and Canada for over 10 years? A Google AdWords campaign.

How the Tool was Applied:

Google AdWords officially launched in 2000, when it began with only 350 paying customers. Shortly after this debut, we saw this tool as a great opportunity. To utilize a small budget and be able to specifically target by keywords and see your ad performance details sounded like a very worthwhile investment. As AdWords became more sophisticated, the pay-per-click model was introduced. This gave us the ability to control overall budget and how much the client was willing to pay per click.

The Results:

Over the years, Google’s ranking algorithm has become even more complex. Through continually studying the program, becoming Google certified and utilizing globalHMA’s unique management process, we have been able to not only generate outstanding click-through-rates and rankings for our client, but also generate a continuous stream of leads. With a budget of only $4 per day in 2013, the overall campaign generated 5,636 clicks. About 2% (or approximately 100 clicks) of the total clicks converted after landing on the website (i.e.- navigated through to view the ‘Contact’ page and/or submitted a contact form to receive a ‘Thank You’ confirmation.) It is consistently clear that our Google campaign generates the highest number of leads for the client each year, ranking with 54% of overall lead attribution.