Media: Money Well Spent or Swiftly Swept Away? A Study on Successful Media Planning

The Challenge

Everyone in the advertising world knows the importance of media placement and appearance when setting yearly marketing goals. Every client values the importance of media differently, but they all admit the value is there and to ignore these platforms would be a foolish mistake. So, how do we as an agency make sure that our clients are getting the most out of their media budgets? How do we determine what media placements will produce the most leads and/or awareness? How do we make sure our client’s campaigns are getting the same amount of exposure and not competing with each other? With a $330K media budget to spread across three campaigns targeting the same industries with digital placements, print ad placements and Google AdWords campaigns, these are all important questions globalHMA considers.

How the Tool Was Applied

No one wants to make a $330K mistake. When setting up our client’s media campaigns, organization and a good game plan are both key. The first step is to develop a well-researched and thorough media study that includes media kits, annual BPA reports, circulations, geographic reach, unique monthly website visitors, digital cost-per-impression and overall placement costs. This helps us determine what publications or industry websites can offer the most exposure to qualified leads for the best cost.

The next step was to review the publications’ editorial calendar to determine the optimal time to place each ad. This proved to be a little bit of a challenge as our client wanted the run all three of their campaigns in five of the same publications. Once these placements were determined, we were able to build out a media schedule for the year. This schedule mapped out the year by publication, including the publication circulation, geographic reach, and number of unique monthly visitors, and, most importantly, a total monthly budget and a yearly budget.

The Results

The client chose over 20 digital publications to run digital banner ads and seven print publications to place ads in over the year period. In that year, globalHMA monitored the creative as each ad appeared, confirming the correct ads ran at the correct times and making any necessary creative changes based on monthly ad metrics.

Overall, globalHMA was able to place media for three campaigns in the yearlong period with a total of 19,488,892 digital banner ad and Google AdWords impressions, 21,284 digital banner ad and Google AdWords clicks and 10,875 Google Video AdWords views. This resulted in a digital media cost-per-impression of $86.33, a digital media cost-per-click of $10.60 and a digital media cost-per-view of $20.75. In addition, we were also able to secure a total of 1,145,947 print impressions for a total print cost per print impression of $11.40.

While we can report on specific tools individually, no tools are meant to stand completely on their own. At globalHMA, one of our strengths is integrating multiple tools into a specific budget. We call it “smooshing” – our technical term for getting the job done with the necessary tools and within the budget.

Successful Media Planning