Finding the Answer to Innovative Advertising: Augmented Reality

The Challenge

At globalHMA, we constantly challenge ourselves to discover new and innovative ways to communicate our clients’ messages, particularly with rich media.

How the Tool Was Applied

By using a technology called augmented reality, we are able to uniquely integrate innovative rich media into our clients’ advertising campaigns. Using the augmented reality app Aurasma, a camera in the user’s mobile device scans a predefined image or object to trigger an action, such as playing a video or opening a webpage.

The globalHMA team recently used Aurasma augmented reality app to draw visitors to a client’s tradeshow stand. In the stand, a racecar was tagged with “Auras” that played different videos depending on where a user scanned. Visitors to the stand were given iPads with the Aurasma app installed. They would then walk or take a tour with a member of the sales team around the racecar to scan different parts of the vehicle and view the different videos.

In another example, we used the Aurasma app in a magazine ad. Scanning the ad imagery triggered a short video and then redirected the users to the client’s social media page for engagement.

The Results

Visitors to the tradeshow were wowed by the new technology and drew hundreds of visitors to our client’s tradeshow stand. Of those visitors, many who engaged with the app and the augmented reality technology were determined as quality leads for our client. The recent magazine ad featuring Aurasma continues to receive an increasing number of scans and video plays, and our client reports a lot of positive buzz around the ads.

While we can report on specific tools individually, no tools are meant to stand completely on their own. At globalHMA, one of our strengths is integrating multiple tools into a specific budget. We call it “smooshing” – our technical term for getting the job done with the necessary tools and within the budget.

Try it out yourself.

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Download Aurasma for Android

aurasma tagged 20 dollar bill

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