Employing Non-traditional Public Relations Tactics

The Challenge

Most of our clients don’t have a large budget or even significant news stories to devote to brand awareness or communicate their message to the public and media. Yet, they need public relations to gain exposure to their audience.

How the Tool Was Applied

Tapping into our long-established relationships with industry trade publications and media reps, we utilize seemingly non-traditional tools to streamline our public relations efforts. We use social media to keep editors and writers in the loop of happenings in our client’s business.

The Results

Through a combination of social media, email marketing and other digital efforts, we were able to secure 11 news stories and editorial features for our client. In addition, our client gained thousands of visits and impressions to their website and social media profiles. Through the detailed metrics, we were able to bring vital information back to our client to analyze and measure the impact on achieving their business’ goals.

While we can report on specific tools individually, no tools are meant to stand completely on their own. At globalHMA, one of our strengths is integrating multiple tools into a specific budget. We call it “smooshing” – our technical term for getting the job done with the necessary tools and within the budget.

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