A Future-proof Solution for Community Organization Website

The Challenge

A local community organization had an out-of-date website that was hard to use. Not only were users having trouble finding information, but they also couldn’t access information they could find on mobile and tablet devices. In addition, the site was built using a platform that was slow to load and hard maintain and update.

How the Tool Was Applied

After implementing and reviewing the site’s analytics, as well as working with a sampling of users, globalHMA was able to develop a site architecture that appealed to the community organization’s site audience and search engines. The website design is clean, easy to read and, most of all, features a mobile-friendly, responsive design. With a responsive design, the content and navigation adjust appropriately to fit the screen width of the device being used to browse the website. Also, the new responsive website was built using the open-source content management system WordPress to allow for user-friendly maintenance.

The Results

The new responsive web design helps the organization clearly communicate its message to the community no matter what device the users are on.

While we can report on specific tools individually, no tools are meant to stand completely on their own. At globalHMA, one of our strengths is integrating multiple tools into a specific budget. We call it “smooshing” – our technical term for getting the job done with the necessary tools and within the budget.

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