Measure and Analyze

Believe it or not, at HMA, we are highly competitive. So when our clients task us with getting the marketing campaign results they are looking for – we are more than up for the challenge. Whether it’s increasing your site traffic by 20% by implementing proper SEO, or achieving a certain response rate through an email blast or direct mail campaign – we are your go-to group.

Most recently, we created a website for a client on a very tight timeline. We conducted the keyword research needed and built and programmed the website with the most optimal site architecture. The site was then seeded through a PR push and an email blast. In just a matter of one week, the site had 1,000 visitors and an impressive 38% bounce rate. Geographically, traffic is coming in from all over the globe. This is the stuff we thrive on! Anyone can promise the execution of a marketing campaign, but without the results, how can you determine success? It takes a dedicated group of people who can analyze campaign trends and possible changes for the future.

Video as SEO

Whether it’s a humorous commercial or an informative how-to, video is sweeping the internet and generating more likes, clicks and comments than ever. But how do you use that to draw more traffic and more interest to your business?

You start by creating a great movie. From my observations and the work we’ve done here, informative, humor and entertainment focused videos seem to be the most effective. Find an interesting way to deliver your message through video or animation. Even a simple podcast or webisode can be extremely captivating as long as the information being delivered is relevant to your market.

Not only is relevance critical, but how you build your video is also key. Ensure all coding, metatags, and keywords are accurate and placed appropriately. Make sure all of your imagery is properly named. No one likes to search for something and then end up watching a movie about something completely different. Throw your video up on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter.

Share your video and spread your links, both ways, as much as possible. Place your new video on your business’s home page to help draw traffic. Blog about how much fun you had making it, who was involved, etc., and post links to it on all of your social media outlets. The speed at which topics spread across these networks is incredible. Before you know it, your video has gone viral.

Lastly, study your analytics, measure which outlet generated the most traffic and look for ways to gather viewer feedback. All of this data will help in the creation of your next video masterpiece.

SEO: what a concept…

Well… do I now know enough to be dangerous (my husband would say annoying) when it comes to this realm of Social Media that we must all learn to play in?  SEO: what a concept… sounds fairly easy… take a website that’s already there, make a few minor adjustments & voila – optimization is complete, right?  Wrong – & boy was I surprised!

Great SEO is not something you can learn and be done with…  this new arena evolves too rapidly for that.  Staying ahead of the curve on Site Architecture, Key Words & Link Building with algorithms that are constantly changing is no easy task.

So from someone who works mainly with the dollars and cents of things, and just learned how to add extensions to her browser, I’m amazed at the hours and dedication it takes from my co-workers to learn, implement and analyze all this information on a regular basis.