How affiliate marketing can strengthen your business

Like most businesses, establishing a core brand requires a community of consumers and partnerships. How does one go about building a community? There are several sought-out marketing tactics that boost the followership of a brand and builds trust within the community. Two, in particular, are Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Despite their differences, the two are important for e-commerce brands that continuously need to be front and center, allowing them to branch out to other parts of communities that may be untapped.
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When is a mobile app right for your business?

It seems like every business has a mobile app these days, so the temptation to develop your own app makes sense. If your new app gains popularity and develops a solid user base, it can bring a lot of value to your business.
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Keeping plain-text emails simple

Most clients who utilize email marketing typically create HTML emails that are easy to design and load; however, plain-text versions still play an important role in email marketing. I touched on this topic back in 2015, but some of the points are still very relevant. Here’s what still rings true in 2018.
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