Direct contact campaigns and why every step matters

A Direct Contact Campaign, or DCC as we like to call them, is a way to reach your leads directly through multiple touch points with a variety of marketing strategies. This is the kind of campaign that allows you to use every tool in your toolbox and have a little fun. In addition, we suggest spreading your message across digital marketing, traditional marketing and personal connection. Mixing these methods together helps your leads recognize you/your brand and will help you build a relationship.


How marketing and sales tie together

Asking whether marketing or sales are more important is like asking which came first — the chicken or the egg?  In the beginning of my career in marketing, the original Howard Miller regularly told his employees and clients, “Marketing generates interest and Sales sells.”  (Add his German finality to your reading of that statement.) Looking at the classic marketing funnel, marketing worked at the top of the funnel and sales worked at the bottom.
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Google Ads vs. SEO – where do you invest?

Previously referred to as Google AdWords, Google Ads is a pay-per-click form of advertising that goes hand-in-hand with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. They are also components of Search Marketing, which creates visibility for your business online. So, how do you know in which of these you should be investing more of your marketing dollars?
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