What clients like about billing…wait, what?

Is it that they love paying the bill? No, the billing process is about more than asking your client to pay money…  it’s a time to recap the work you’ve done so they see the effort you put into their project and how that work has helped them. It’s an opportunity to continue to build a good relationship with them.
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Branding is more than a logo

Some logos are great and some can be awful. A logo should help define a company, it’s values and just be memorable. This is why a successful logo helps to define a brand, but there is so much more to a brand than just a logo. As a graphic designer, I would love to take credit for the success of a company’s brand just by creating their logo, but I am not able to do so. I just help to create the face of one. A brand is everything that helps identify your company or organization’s voice. This includes a company’s design, quality of work, customer service, values and so on. A brand should set a company or organization apart from its competitors.

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Picture this – images for social media

Let’s talk about a few simple but critical details for social media images in 2019. We’ll stick to images being posted in order to share a link or drive traffic to your site, because there are tons of specifics for sizing profile images, cover images and business page banners to name a few.

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