Designers vs. Developers

A successful and dynamic website can most assuredly be achieved with smart design and function. Yet how can we make certain that these properties are equally attained?

While a designer is expert in creating a visually appealing and easily navigated page, they may not be equally versed in implementing a smooth and glitch-free operation. A skilled developer will build and enable a complex functioning page, complimenting the designer’s work.

A thoughtfully designed and visually appealing page does not equal a functioning one, and vice versa. Coupling a designer’s vision with a developer’s expertise will mesh the visual with the operational, ensuring successful performance of a website.

A Day with Renoir

I was thankful to have the opportunity to take a private tour of the new Renoir exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. To say it was impressive would be an understatement, but I expected nothing less from Renoir.

The show consists of Renoir’s later works. The gallery moved the viewers through time, beginning with Renoir’s paintings of young girls with his famous floppy hats and ending with his well-known full nudes. I admire Renoir’s ability to combine impressionistic strokes and colors with genre paintings that tell endless stories.

My favorite part, by far, was a short film of Renoir painting. I found it phenomenal that someone enduring so much pain and agony could barely hold a brush, but could still continue painting thanks to his love and passion for the arts.

The Newest Addition to the Corporate Vault: Keywords

The value of keywords is quickly becoming evident.  The companies who know and score their keywords are probably best to seal them in a vault with the rest of your corporate assets.  Like most other things in the vault, the competition can research, rate and try to steal your keywords.  In the ever-changing world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it would be a tireless job.

Most C-level executives don’t know what their keywords are, nor do they want to spend time finding out their value.  But unless they task this job to their IT or marketing department or outside ad agency, they lose valuable traction in the on-line world of search engine rankings.

What are your keywords?  Who do you trust to keep that research up-to-date?