Training or Continuing Education

Howard Miller Associates’ subscribed to in June 2009. Since then, each employee benefitted from its content. not only keeps us up to date with industry happenings, but also provides quick program lessons during a busy work week. In a hectic industry, is a concise and helpful resource that I would recommend to any professional.


Over the past year and a half our agency made a commitment for continuous knowledge expansion to improve our digital technology expertise, become even better at accomplishing our client objectives, and each of us to grow personally.  Recently, we were invited to join the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ Bronze Forum.  I met with an incredibly gifted group of CEOs from other small to mid-size agencies in beautiful Charleston, SC.  The experience has re-energized me and given insight into leading our team to higher levels of productivity and profitability, while providing our clients with a robust arsenal of effective tools.  I look forward to collaborating with my peers again in October and sharing great results from the ideas and insight they gave me.