Snapchat, using custom filters and why you should

Snapchat is a valuable asset for businesses who are trying to increase their social media presence. Building brand awareness, sharing updates and exclusive content, and the sharing of coupons & holding contests are some of the ways that Snapchat increases a business’s presence on social media platforms. Based on a demographic study from eMarketer, most Snapchat users are among the millennial generation. If a business is looking to engage with millennials, Snapchat is a quick and effective way to connect with them.

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Best practices for replying to online reviews/comments

There are quite a lot of moving parts when it comes to managing your business’ online presence. It’s easy to get lost between optimizing search engine results and making sure your website is in top form, but maybe you’ve recently launched a social media presence for your company. During your first steps into the social arena, you might have already noticed audience engagement with your content, which is always an exciting feeling! But there are always more ways to build on a social media strategy.

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The future of augmented reality in 2019

2019 is an exciting year for mobile apps. With the explosion of powerful mobile devices, augmented reality apps are becoming a hot commodity. Last year, Apple released iOS 12 for their mobile device lineup and with it, ARKit 2 – a massive leap for augmented reality on iOS. Apple also included a built-in AR application called Measure. With this, you can scan an area with your camera and place anchor points on the surfaces of objects within the frame. These points then display accurate distances between them. Seeing a native AR application included with Apple’s system toolkit looks promising, which may help familiarize users with the great utility AR has to offer.
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