About us

40 years and counting…

globalHMA was founded in 1979, although it was named Howard Miller Associates back then. Fast-forward to today, and we are not your father’s advertising agency. We are a full-service firm present in the modern digital world. Can we do things the old way, like print and mail? Sure! But we live and breathe the latest technology. We take our work seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously. How else would we remain creative? Simply put, we are an experienced agency that knows how to navigate the current sophisticated, technology-driven world in which we live. We’re like a baby boomer that listens to rap music mixed with a millennial who knows how to do the Charleston. Oh yeah, we’re hip.

Who we are

We are problem-solvers. We are doers. We are dreamers, believers, and visionaries. We are a diverse group of talented individuals, each of whom is an expert, and who cover every critical area of advertising and digital marketing. We are fueled by coffee and are driven to succeed. We embrace tough subjects and use technology partnered with expertise to effectively handle complex projects. We help companies grow all over the globe. Meet the team.

Drew Dorgan President globalHMA

Drew Dorgan


Company visionary and trailblazer, conceptual strategist, technology trendsetter, and enterprising marketing maven

Amanda Vera Vice President

Amanda Vera

Vice president

Insightful planner, purposeful leader, relationship builder; able to map out and deliver overall perspective

Jamie Wilson - Director of operations

Jamie Wilson

Director of operations

Marketing automation dominator, personable and upbeat communicator with fabulous memory powers and a competitive spirit

Alex Frederiksen - globalHMA

Alex Frederiksen

Account executive

Evocative writer and communicator with a passion for building stories

Madison Long - Account Executive - globalHMA

Madison Long

Account executive

Master of details with a creative eye and a flair for the written word

Jeremy Roig - Digital Marketing Specialist - globalHMA

Jeremy Roig

Digital marketing specialist

Creative digital marketer with a flair for both social conversation and data analysis

Erin Kauffman Creative Strategist

Erin Lebo

Creative strategist

Flexible and resourceful coordinator, self-proclaimed typography nerd, creative strategist with a designer’s eye

Jason Getz Interactive Designer

Jason Getz

Interactive designer

Inventive designer, creative concept builder, and out-of-the-box collaborator

Andrew Hughmanick - globalHMA

Andrew Hughmanick

Technology innovation director

Bold, imaginative designer with a penchant for development, offering a unique perspective on UI/UX design

Rebecca Magar - Front-end developer at globalHMA

Rebecca Magar

Front-end developer

Reliable and creative web developer with an eye for unwrapping coded languages

Tetiana Kozelska

Tetiana Kozelska

Full-stack developer

Creating and programming code for apps that help our clients share information more effectively

Alex Oborin - Full Stack Developer at globalHMA

Alex Oborin

Full-stack developer

Alex deploys intuitive interfaces and maintains secure data flow of content within databases

Oleksandr Rudenko - globalHMA - Mobile Developer

Oleksandr Rudenko

Mobile developer

Creative mobile app developer with extensive coding capabilities who can fix all things digital

Rosty Balaniuk - iOS developer

Rosty Balaniuk

iOS developer

Mobile app developer with a focus on iOS through both SWIFT and X-code creation.

Karen Chiodo - globalHMA

Karen Chiodo

Administrative assistant

Flexible team player and supportive service provider charged with executing diverse duties with a smile and can-do attitude

Kris Castner - globalHMA

Kris Castner

Digital data analyst

Old-school researcher with a digital edge, lifelong learner and strategist, ponderer and solver of problems

Rita Kissam Business Manager

Rita Kissam

Business manager

Knowledgeable, accurate, and efficient money manager operating from a strong work ethic

Sherri Sims new business director

Sherri Sims

New business director

Cultivator of business relationships and expert networker

CR Heistand - Information technology manager - globalHMA

CR Hiestand

Information technology manager

Gifted with tech and all things IT, keeping our clients secure and ahead of the curve

Gage Magar - IT Specialist at globalHMA

Gage Magar

IT specialist

Keeping our clients and team on the cutting edge with IT expertise in productivity and web apps like WordPress, 1Password and Google Apps

Charlotte Weaver-Gelzer - globalHMA

Charlotte Weaver-Gelzer


Blue-sky thinker and creator of strategy that moves souls toward positive actions

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