In the midst of all of the appointments, phone calls, emails and work, where do you find time to just breathe and let your creativity flow? It can certainly be hard to take a time-out from all of the everyday demands, but in order to gin up those creative juices, your overflowing brain needs a break! So what can you do? Here are just a few tips that our team practices to get our ideas in motion.

1. Take time away from your electronic devices. I know – scary! Sometimes you need to get rid of those distractions to be inspired.

2. Collaborate. This is one of our favorite things to do at HMA. What could be better than a team of brainiacs getting together to toss around ideas?

3. Try a mind-mapping app, or resort to the old white board or a notebook. Recording your ideas somewhere will allow you to come back to them later.

4. Read and learn as much as you can – and share the wealth. We can’t get enough learning in at HMA. We love our blog-readers and the little tidbits we gather each day. Most of all, we love to share what we learn with each other during our Innovation Day meetings.

5. Look at things from all perspectives. This is something we do very well at HMA. In order to understand how your customers, or even your customers’ customers, will perceive a message or marketing material, stand in their shoes. If you’re viewing things with a different mindset, new ideas will come.

How do you spark creativity?